• SIMBA Chain and Alitheon have partnered to provide end-to-end authentication and verification services.
• FeaturePrint® is a machine-vision-based solution for authenticating physical goods.
• SIMBA Chain provides the infrastructure to track physical items through the blockchain, from warehouse to customer.

Partnership Between SIMBA Chain and Alitheon

SIMBA Chain, an enterprise-grade platform that abstracts the complexities of blockchain development in order to make the technology more accessible, has announced its integration with Alitheon, a provider of FeaturePrint®, which is a machine-vision-based solution for authentication and traceability of physical goods. This go-to-market partnering agreement will enable Alitheon’s customers to certify the authenticity and take ownership of digitized physical items using the blockchain based FeaturePrint® system.

FeaturePrint® Technology

FeaturePrint® allows users to quickly authenticate an item using their smartphone camera by utilizing advanced optical AI technology that digitizes items. The technology also enables tracing of real world items through its digital twin feature which ties each tangible product issued by a manufacturer to a unique NFT (non fungible token). By doing this, it eliminates any possibility of replication or fraud throughout its commercial lifecycle.

Benefits Of The Partnership

The partnership between SIMBA Chain and Alitheon grants customers access to both companies’ products as well as increased security for their valuable goods. On one hand, customers can use FeaturePrint® for authenticating their products while on the other hand they can use SIMBA’s infrastructure for tracking these products through various stages in their commercial lifecycle such as from warehouse to customer or second hand buyer etcetera without having to worry about replication or counterfeiting incidents due to the implementation of blockchain technology.


In conclusion, this partnership between SIMBA Chain and Alitheon allows customers access to both companies’ products while providing increased security for their valuable goods through blockchain technology implementation within their supply chain processes. Therefore, customers can now rest assured knowing that all their transactions involving physical goods are secure and safe from any fraudulent activities thanks to this collaboration between two leading industry providers in authentication & verification services.

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