• Bitcoin (BTC) closed the week above $29,000 after a mid-week surge and subsequent retrace.
• Injective (INJ) rose 17% for the week as its price continues to surge.
• Solana was the only top cryptocurrency that posted notable gains this weekend.

Bitcoin Stays Above $29K

This past working week saw bitcoin maintain its price above $29,000 despite some volatility mid-week. The bulls initiated a massive leg up that drove BTC to $30,000 on Tuesday, however false panic caused it to erase all of those gains and fall back down to $27,000. As news turned out to be fake, bitcoin went back on the offensive and reclaimed almost all losses by the end of the week – coming inches away from tapping $30,000 yesterday before retracing slightly.

Injective Price Surges

The altcoin Injective has been steadily increasing throughout this month and rose an additional 17% for the week. Its current price is well above $6 as it sees yet another 6% increase in daily trading. This is one of many altcoins that have seen a resurgence in value recently as investors look for alternative cryptocurrencies with potential upside potential in 2021.

Solana Notable Gainer

Solana was one of few larger cap cryptocurrencies that posted notable gains this weekend – though most altcoins are sitting quietly today aside from Injective’s steady rise. After undergoing several major updates earlier this year, Solana has seen increased attention over recent months which may continue into 2021 if its development progresses further or new partnerships are announced.

Weekend Watch Summary

This past working week saw bitcoin remain stable above $29K despite some mid-week volatility that drove it briefly up to $30K before false panic caused it to retreat back down again soon after. Meanwhile, Injective’s price continued its steady climb with a 17% weekly gain while Solana was one of few larger cap cryptos posting notable gains this weekend due to various developments earlier this year being rewarded by investors.


Though there was some turbulence mid-week as fake news caused bitcoin’s brief dip lower, overall markets remained largely stable by the end of the weekend with many altcoins sitting quietly aside from Injective’s impressive continuing climb while Solana posted gains due to its updates earlier in 2021 receiving investor support now too.

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