MNBCs High Priority – Whether it’s the People’s Bank of China , the European Central Bank or the US Federal Reserve , their current obsession seems to be central bank digital currencies (MNBCs). With this major concern in mind, these large institutions do not have time to take care of their smaller counterparts, who are starting to suffer from the rise of cryptocurrencies.

Adapt, or die (and in silence, please)

It’s a hell of a message, not very nice, that Jon Cunliffe , the vice-governor of the Bank of England (BoE) has just sent.

At a BoE meeting in London, reported by Reuters , the central banker explained that he did not care about the problems that domestic banks may have in the face of the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies!

“Our job is not to protect the business model of the banks (…) The banks will have to adapt. Our job is to make sure that if the banking business model changes, we manage the financial and macroeconomic consequences. “

Traditional banks caught in the crossfire

Between the technological and economic advances represented by cryptocurrencies, on the one hand, and the digital currencies of central banks , on the other hand, commercial banks may no longer have a very large role to play in the economy of tomorrow. In any case, not without great efforts to adapt .

If Jon Cunliffe is so dry and sharp with the smaller banks, it is because he also fears for the life of the central banks themselves. For the vice-governor of the BoE, there is not a second to lose , the politicians having to also make the question of an MNBC their priority .

„We need [digital currencies] to get onto the political agenda fairly quickly, before it is too late, and politicians to find out that certain developments [of digital currencies] in the private sector do not match. not to their regulatory framework. „

For something like Bitcoin which would have „no intrinsic value , “ according to Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey, this panic and rush might even seem quite paradoxical .

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